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Lithuania – Nida

Nida is the biggest town in the Curonian Spit with approximately 1650 inhabitants. It is composed of 3 little settlements  – Nida, Skruzdynė and Purvynė as the old Nida was snowbouded by dune sands in 1675 and the local inhabitants were forced to settle further north. It is located 48 km from Klaipėda and only 4 km form the borderline with the Russian Federation.   Nida was harried many times during the World Wars but finally it was rebuilt by soviets in 1953 and in 1961 under the order of the Supreme Council of Soviet Lithuania Nida became an administrative center of Neringa city.

Lithuania – Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital and largest city of Lithuania. It lies on the bank of Neris river and has approxmately 560,000 inhabitants.

The Old Town, historical centre of Vilnius, is one of the largest in Eastern Europe (360 ha). The most valuable historic and cultural heritage is concentrated here. The buildings in the Old Town—there are about 1.5 thousand of them—were built in a number of different centuries, therefore, it is a mixture of all European architectural styles. Although Vilnius is often called a Baroque city, here you will also find masterpieces of Gothic, monuments of Renaissance, Neoclassicism and other styles. The main sights of the city are the Gediminas Castle, the Cathedral Square—symbols of the capital—and the historic centre, the Old Town of Vilnius, which in 1994 was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In 2009, at the same time as Linz (Austria), Vilnius was a European Capital of Culture. Vilnius has always been a multicultural city.