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Estonia – Tallinn – Linda by A. L. Weizenberg

In the Lake √úlemiste, the largest lake surrounding Tallinn, there is boulder called Lindakivi (“Linda’s rock”). In Estonian mythology, it is believed to be one of the boulders Linda was supposed to carry to Kalev’s grave at Toompea, but which fell off her apron. She sat on the boulder and cried, thus creating the lake.

The semi-legendary-mythological “√úlemiste Elder” (Estonian: √úlemiste vanake) is believed to live in the lake. If anyone should meet him, then he is believed to ask: “Is Tallinn ready yet?”. If then the other person answered “yes”, then he would flood the city. Thus, the correct answer would be: “No, there is much to be done yet”. This tale is sometimes viewed as an explanation why Tallinn is building/growing all the time.