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China – UNESCO – Mpunt Song

Mount Song, known in Chinese as Song Shan, is one of the Five Great Mountains and is located in Henan province on the south bank of the Yellow River in China. Its summit is 1,500 meters above sea level.

The mountain is one of the sacred Taoist mountains of China, and contains important Taoist temples such as the Zhongyue Temple; however the mountain also features a significant Buddhist presence. It is home to the Shaolin Temple, traditionally considered the birthplace of Zen Buddhism, and the temple’s collection of pagoda forest is the largest in China. The Zhongyue Temple is also located here, one of the earliest Taoist temples in the country. The Songyang Academy nearby was one of the four great academies of ancient China. The mountain and its vicinity are populated with Taoist and especially Buddhist monasteries. The 6th century Songyue Pagoda is also located here, as well as Tang Dynasty (618–907) pagodas within the Fawang Temple. Eight locations at the foot of the mountain in Dengfeng have been a World Heritage Site since 2010.

China – Qian Shan Mountain

Mount Qianshan is the most famous tourist site in north China. It lies in the east, about 20 kilometers away from Anshan City, and boasts 999 mountains altogether, covering 152 square kilometers. So, it is also called thousand-lotus-flower mountain.

Mount Qianshan features many beautiful peaks, precipitious cliffs, secluded valleys, high-situated Taoism and Buddhism temples, grotesque pine trees in strange shape, exuberant flowers of various kinds, etc. So, for a very long history it has been given the name of Treasure Pearl of North China.

Ever from Shui Dynasty, it has been the religion center, and many Buddhists and Taoists came here to construct many temples, pagodas half way or at the top of the mountains. It is seldom for both Buddhism and Taoism temples stationing in one mountain area and left with present people so much cultural contents to read, understand ans explore.

For Taoism the most imposing temple is Infinity Temple who was built half way up the steep mountains and has very strange layout. Visitors coming here will sigh at the fine scenery and have the feeling of walking casually into a fairy land. Many poets left with us much poem praising the sights and so many poem inscription tablets stand fully or partly in deep shrub. Emperor-Visited Scenery Zone, Western Ocean Zone, Great Buddha Zone, Bird-Tweedling Zone and Immortal’s Platform are present spot sites very deserving visting and at least 4 days are necessary to tour them all.

In the early period of Qianlong Administration of Qing Dynasty, Liu Taibin and Wang Taixiang, two disciples of Guo Shouzhen who was priest of Tiechashan and immortal, came here to practice and nurture their congenital nature in Luohan Cave. The Qianlong Emperor paid visit to this mountain several times.

China – Taishan Mountain

Mount Tai is located in the middle part of Shandong province spanning two cities (Tai’an city and Jinan city) with total area of 426 square kilometers. Mount Tai was called Daizong (means the principal mountain of China) in ancient time and then was renamed as Mount Tai in Spring and Autumn Dynasty went by the name of Dongyue (the Sacred Mountain of East China) that ranks No.1 among the five most important mountains in China. In 1987, Mount Tai was listed as Cultural and Natural World Heritage site and honored “World Geo-park” in 2006. In China, Mount Tai is among the first group of “National Parks of China”, the state 5A-class tourist attraction, the top 10 best National Civilized Spot in China.

Mount Tai is well known for its spectacular, grandness, elevation, width, steadiness and massiness. The typical character of natural scenery of Mount Tai is imposing, surprising, serene, secluded, profound, and spacious. The picturesque of the Mount Tai has various scenery like ragged cliff, deep canyon and gorge, grotesque peak and strange rocks, luxuriant vegetation and the flowing springs and twittering birds…. The mountain also has the unique marvelous wonders: the rising sun at dawn, the jade plate of sea of clouds, the aura appearing around Bixia Temple, rosy clouds at sunset etc.