Montenegro – Ulcinj


The Ulcinj “south coast” region of Montenegro is a popular tourist destination.
Ulcinj’s old town is a very well preserved castle-looking community that is left over from medieval times. The old town sits atop a mountain overlooking the shore and is a tourist attraction on its own.

Each stone of the Old Town guards its secrets from the past. The Old Town consists from several parts: the upper town, citadel, and the army fortress. This fortress of unique beauty fascinates visitors with its mysterious appearance. Its beauty rises from the sea and has a unique charm, calm and is inspiring. There are remains from ancient times such as the museum complex, a church-mosque, a Venetian palace and the Balsic Tower. In front of the tower there is the Square of Slaves, where once Cervantes was held captive and who, inspired by the love of Dulcinea, a woman from Ulcinj, wrote his famous book “Don Quixote”

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